The film directed by Tomek Popakul was chosen the best international short animated film at the Monterrey International Film Festival in Mexico.

The Monterrey International Film Festival was created exactly 15 years ago. Since then, the festival has enjoyed growing interest and it is in the lead of similar events in this part of the world. The number of viewers is growing, which influences the extremely rich programme, in which the audience can find animated, documentary and feature films from home and all around the world.

This year, only two Polish productions were invited to the international animated film competition: "You Are Overreacting" by Karina Paciorkowska and the awarded "Acid Rain" by Tomek Popakul.

The award-winning animated film is set somewhere in Eastern Europe. Młoda runs away from home, as far away from the grey reality as possible. The initial excitement of the hitch-hiking journey subsides when she ends up on the outskirts of the city in the middle of the night.  On the bridge, she notices a figure dangerously balancing on the railing.  This is how she meets Chudy, a little bit unbalanced freak. Chudy lives in a recreational vehicle which he drives in order to attend his not necessarily legal errands. Młoda decides to join Chudy. Their road together takes them to increasingly strange regions, and an unnamed bond quickly forms between them.

This year's edition of the festival was held from the 15th to the 23rd of August.

You can find more information about the festival here.