The film by Jola Bańkowska was chosen as the best animated film at the 25th edition of the International Short Film Festival in Drama.

The International Short Film Festival in Drama was established in 1978 on the initiative of the film club and from the very beginning, it was enthusiastically received both by the film industry and the audience itself. It is the most important Greek festival, entirely dedicated to short film, and its importance is also demonstrated by the fact that it is included in the prestigious group of events recommending productions for the European Film Awards.

In this year's programme, there was only one Polish production, the animated film "Story" by Jola Bańkowska. The film conquered the hearts of the jury and won in its category. 

"Story" is an ironic series of several scenes, telling us how everyday life gets mixed with the digital world.  Watched through the medium of the "story," today a popular function on most social media, it presents lonely, lost people who are sometimes indifferent to the reality around them.

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