The animated film by the directing duo Sophie Colfer and Ala Nunu has once again been recognised for best sound design. This time it received this award at the Cinanima festival in Portugal.

The first edition of Cinanima was held in 1976. The event is hugely popular with audiences and directors alike, who are very keen to submit their animated creations to the festival. Its competition has several categories: films up to 5 minutes, films between 5 and 24 minutes, films between 24 and 50 minutes, student films, commissioned films, and feature-length films – longer than 50 minutes. In addition to screenings, the event features workshops, exhibitions, and performances.

Set on the vast salty plain, Telsche is a 2D short film that explores the notions of memory, loss, and love. It tells the story of a journey a girl makes to remember someone she has forgotten.

At home, on land, Telsche has to face the image of her missing mother in the form of a stone with her face on it. She runs outside and sees her in the salt field, a timeless place of memory. However, before she can reach her, her mother is swallowed up by a large hole forged in the ground. Telsche must find a way to follow her into the darkness to come to terms with what she has lost. So, she floods the land and awakens glowing insects that have long been buried in ancient white salt. The water fills the deep tunnel into which her mother has disappeared, and Telsche follows, diving into the depths of memory. As she sinks into the quiet depths and breaks through the tunnels below, she ultimately discovers a place where she can experience her grief, where she is reunited with her mother.

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