Tomek Popakul's latest film has gained the recognition of an international jury. This time, his animated film was awarded at the Feinaki Beijing Animation Week.

The Feinaki Beijing Animation Week is an animation festival curated by Chinese artists, researchers, and curators travelling to international film events. The event has an extremely rich program filled with screenings of the world's most interesting animated films.

One of the invited films was Zima by Tomek Popakul. The film left China with the most important award. 

It grows slowly like an icicle, but one day it falls and crashes.

Anka loves cats. And Jesus. In the winter silence, the lagoon freezes, and the unspeakable resurfaces like a crack on the ice.

Like a mosaic, it's a portrait of a small fishing village where everyone – man and man, man and animal, animal and animal – co-exist in a delicate balance of warm and tender care as well as cold, emotional cruelty. It's an extraordinary story about loneliness and community in the spirit of magical realism.

You can find out more about the festival here.