The Aguilar Film Festival is underway. The program includes a Polish spotlight and three competition screenings of Polish animated shorts.

Held since 1988, the Aguilar Film Festival has been one of the oldest and most renowned events dedicated to short films in Spain. Since then, many generations of Spanish and international filmmakers have been featured in the event, as well as numerous guests and an engaged audience eager for great films from around the world.

The program includes a 4-hour segment with excellent, award-winning Polish shorts, which you'll get to watch in several blocks. The review covers almost 20 titles from recent years. You can read about Foco Polonia here. It is curated by Marta Świętek from the Krakow Film Foundation, who has also been invited to the festival as a jury member for De Campo – one of the festival competitions.

In addition to the review, three Polish animated shorts will be featured in the competitive section. Smell of the Ground by Oliwia Rosa, The Bridge by Izumi Yoshida and Headprickles by Katarzyna Miechowicz will be competing for awards at the festival.

You can learn more about the festival on its official website.