The 11th issue of the Focus on Poland magazine is now available online! It contains interviews with filmmakers, film reviews, and articles on what's been happening in the world of Polish animated films in recent months.

In the latest issue, which you can read online (DOWNLOAD HERE),we highly recommend articles about polish animated films.

>>> A unique story about making Tomasz Wolski's 1970. Learn how the animated parts of the film were made, as told by its producer – Robert Sowa.

>>> A profile of this year's Dragon of Dragons. Jerzy Armata writes about the extremely talented and multi-award winning artist Piotr Dumała.

„Piotr Dumała is one of the most interesting directors in the history of Polish animation and a very versatile artist. He doesn’t only write scripts, but also interesting short stories, draws, illustrates books, does stage design, posters, and even takes up acting. He is also an educator, teaching the art of animation at the Łodź Film School.” (excerpt)

>>> Adriana Prodeus' interview with Marta Pajek, the author of the cult animated trilogy whose latest instalment Impossible Figures and Other Stories I premiered at the competition of the prestigious Ottawa International Film Festival. Since then, the film has already been screened and awarded at several other events.

Subsequent instalments influenced each other. Making each one was quite a different experience. The last one required the most work. I tried not to be a slave to the previous parts, which were told more intuitively and sensually, close to the body. Both were well received by audiences and critics, and were a success, which could determine the shape of the final film.” (excerpt)

>>> We also encourage you to read the summary of this year's Animated in Poland, which presented Polish animated films still in production.

>>> Reviews and catalogue of the latest Polish animated films

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