In April, festival life has not yet fully blossomed, but there is still quite a lot going on. Be sure to check which international events will host Polish short animated films.

At the end of March, several important festivals featuring Polish productions opened. The Vilnius International Film Festival runs until 3 April, and its competition includes the animated film Five Minutes Older by Sara Szymańska. The Kaboom Animation Festival takes place on a similar date. As many as four Polish animations were invited there – Green by Karolina Kajetanowicz, Insect by Maciej Podolec, Fury by Julia Siuda, and Szymańska's film. In Spain, on the other hand, the Mecal Pro Barcelona International Short and Animation Festival began on 24 March and will run until 11 April. Its audience also gets to see Katarzyna Miechowicz's Crumbs of Life, We Hope You Won't Need to Come Back by Anastasia Naumenko, and A Blue Room by Tomasz Siwiński.

The Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen started earlier this month. Julia Siuda's animated film is competing for awards there. This month, Fury will also be shown at Portugal's Indielisboa International Film Festival. Maria Nitek's Hierophany and Five Minutes Older by Sara Szymańska will also be participating in the same competition.

The International Short Film Festival FILMFEST DRESDEN will also start in the first half of April. In the non-competition section, the audience will see Tomasz Ducki's Plantarium, while Crumbs of Life has been invited to the competition. Katarzyna Miechowicz's film will also visit the Atlanta Film Festival, where it will meet Yelyzaveta Pysmak's animated film My Fat Arse and I. The latter title will also be shown to the Latvian audience at the 2ANNAS 25th Riga International Short Film Festival.

At the end of April, the Brussels Short Film Festival will host a competition screening of Airborne by Andrzej Jobczyk, while the Busan International Short Film Festival in Korea will screen Insect by Marcin Podolec.

A complete list of festival screenings is available here.