The animated film by Joanna Kożuch has been invited to compete at the Annecy festival. It might win the title of best animated short.

Annecy festival is one of Europe’s most important – and oldest – festivals dedicated to animation. Every year it brings together more than 150,000 visitors and becomes a meeting place for industry professionals from around the world. At Annecy, films compete for the title of best short film, best TV and commissioned film, and best graduation film, with the best of them receiving the Cristal award.

Seventeen animated shorts from all over the world, including the Polish-Slovak co-production Once There Was a Sea… by Joanna Kożuch. The film has the chance to become the festival’s best short animation.

Once upon a time, there was a sea… 

The Aral Sea. 

A sea that has vanished… 

And seaside life disappeared along with it. Fishermen lost their jobs, factories closed down, even the Rebirth Island (home to a secret Soviet military base and biological weapons test site) is no longer an island. Only a dead desert littered with wrecks of huge fishing boats remains… along with people who have been living on these dry shores for years and dreaming of high water… And only the salty desert is spreading, while dry salt crystals shimmer on the former seabed.

A list of all films competing with the Polish-Slovak production can be found here.