Last Sunday, the International Animated Film Festival Animator announced the winners of this year's edition. Polish productions left Poznań with several awards.

The International Animated Film Festival Animator is an Oscar®-qualifying festival. It's the largest cultural event in Poland dedicated to animated film. Over a thousand animations from 64 countries, including Costa Rica, Cuba, Kuwait, Macau, and Martinique, were submitted to this year's international section of the festival.

Only one Polish production received an international award – the animated Bayka at the End of the World directed by Kacper Zamarło. The film was appreciated by the children's Jury who recognised it as the best animated series of the festival.

Meanwhile, the Jury of the Polish Animated Film Competition, which consisted of Alexis Hunot, Andrzej Radka, Tim Webber, decided that the Grand Prix should go to Barbara Rupik for Such Miracles Do Happen. The second prize was awarded to Oliwia Rosa for Smell of The Ground, and the third went to Marta Magnuska and her Misaligned. The film There Are People In The Forest by Szymon Ruczyński received an honourable mention.

Paweł Prewencki's Lack left Poznań with the Audience Award.

You can find the list of all awarded films here.