The animated film by Katarzyna Krystyna Pieróg was recognised by the Children's Jury at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

Since its inception the Oberhausen Festival, held continuously since 1954, has been one of the leading events dedicated exclusively to short films. Every year, Oberhausen presents a most diverse selection of short films – ranging from fiction, documentary, and animated forms to video art and film essays, as well as hybrids between genres. It's attended by over 1100 accredited guests.

This year, Katarzyna Krystyna Pieróg's animated film Sister was featured in the competition involving films for young viewers. The Children's Jury was delighted with the film and gave it the Promotional Prize. 

Two Sisters travel through the Cloudlands in search of the Great Tree. In a journey full of sacrifices, joys, and sorrows, they come closer to their goal and to themselves as well. It's a film about the dynamics of a sisterly relationship, the problems they share, and what it's like to grow up together.

You can read more about the festival here.