Two Polish projects of animated series for children will take part in this year's Cartoon Forum in Toulouse.

Cartoon Forum is the most prestigious industry event, bringing together the community connected to animated film: producers, distributors and the media. The event is organised for the producers looking for creative and financial partners for their animated film projects. Since 1990, as many as 767 projects have received financial support with a total value of 2,7 million Euros. Every year, over 1000 animated film professionals from almost 40 countries visit the event.

Selected projects (a film or a TV show for television distribution or broadcast on digital platforms) are European animated films at the development stage and are at least 26 minutes long. 

This year, two Polish projects were accepted by the Cartoon Forum:

"Bella in the Belly" - animated TV show, produced by Animoon and Letko

The series tells the story about the special bond shared by siblings. Bella lives in her mum's belly. Benio left it a long time ago. Despite this, they get along very well. The girl hears every word of her brother. In turn, Benio, putting his ear to his mother's belly, can imagine what his sister is doing at the moment. What is more, each and every thing that he draws with his finger on his mum's belly, appears next to Bella.  In this way, the siblings are able to tell each other everything; luckily, because they have a lot of things to talk about. Benio is fascinated by science. Persuaded by his parents, he eagerly shares his knowledge with his sister. Thanks to this, the children mutually expand their horizons.

"Johann, Sebastiana and Bach" - animated TV show, produced by GS Animation / Grupa Smacznego 

Music has great power! Music played with passion even greater! This is what three teenagers, privately a fly, a cow and a piglet, discover. Johann, Sebastiana and Bach start a garage band. With the help of the instruments which they made themselves, they play loudly and from the heart, because this is the only way to forget about the grim reality, even if only for a moment. Their village has its unchanging, slow rhythm and all kinds of extravagance and crazy ideas are coldly accepted here. For the three friends, this is the most boring place on Earth. Playing together makes them feel that they can change reality, creates a special bond among them and causes ... magic. Literally - strange things begin to happen in the village.

The Cartoon Forum is held from the 16th to the 19th of September in Toulouse. 

The full list of qualified projects can be found here.