The festival season is in full swing. Polish animated films will be shown at numerous European events, there will be no lack of them in the United States, Israel or Lebanon. Find out where the Polish productions have a chance to win awards and conquer the hearts of the audience.

From the 2nd of June, the 21st edition of the Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Festival is held in Hamburg. The animated films invited to the competition are: "Bless You!"  by Paulina Ziółkowska and  "Thicket" by Adrianna Matwiejczuk. A day later started the Croatian World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb, where as many as four Polish productions are included in the programme. The following films compete for the awards at this festival: "Acid Rain"  by Tomasz Popakul, "My Strange Elder Brother" by Julia Orlik and "An eye for an eye" by Julia Płoch. The film  "Mud" by Alicja Bleszczyńska will also have its screening there.

Hamburg has a strong festival beginning. In addition to Mo&Friese, there is also the 35th  edition of the Hamburg International Short Film Festival.  The films "You Are Overreacting" by Karina Paciorkowska and "III" by Marta Pajek have a chance to win awards. The first of the aforementioned animated films will also be shown at the Très Court International Film Festival.

The fans of the animated film may associate the half of June only with one thing. The Annecy International Animation Film Festival begins. The extremely rich programme of the event includes six Polish films. This year, three Polish productions will compete for the best short animated film award at the festival – "Acid Rain" by Tomasz Popakul, "Story" by Jola Bańskowska and "Rain" by Piotr Milczarek. In turn, the films "You Are Overreacting" by Karina Paciorkowska, "Ovule" by Natalia Durszewicz and "The Little Soul" by Barbara Rupik are invited to the student film competition. Polish productions are also present in the non-competing programme (more about it here).

On the 12th of June starts The Norwegian Short Film Festival. The audience, together with the jury, will have the opportunity to watch "Colaholic" by Marcin Podolec and "Bless You!" by Paulina Ziółkowska. In turn, during the Turkish Documentarist 12th Istanbul Documentary Days, an earlier film by Podolec will have a chance to win awards – "A Documentary Film." In the competition at that festival, there is also "You Are Overreacting" by Karina Paciorkowska.

One of the most important festivals in June is the American Palm Springs International ShortFest and Film Market. The animated film "Acid Rain"  is invited to the short film competition at that film festival.

In Israel, at the Tel Aviv International Student Film in the competition section, you can watch the animated film "The Other" by Marta Magnuska. In Lebanon, the audience of the festival Tripoli will have the opportunity to get acquainted with "Squaring the Circle"  by Karolina Specht and "Bernard" by Anna Oparkowska. Both films have a chance to leave the festival with awards.

At the Russian Visegrad Animation Film Festival, the films "Room" by Michał Socha and "Bless You!" by Paulina Ziółkowska will have their screenings.  The animated film by Ziółkowska will also be presented in the competition at the 20th ShorTS International Film Festival in Italy. There, "Colaholic" by Marcin Podolec is also invited.

The animated film about addiction to the popular carbonated drink will conquer quite a lot of festivals in June. In addition to the aforementioned festivals, "Colaholic" has a chance to steal the hearts of the jury at the 18th edition of the Italian festival Euganea and the Portuguese FEST — New Directors | New Films Festival, where the animated film will compete with the animation by Karina Paciorkowska.

At the end of the month, the Fest Anca International Animation Festival in Slovakia will begin. There, in the competition section, the following films will await the viewers: "The Hunt" by Mateusz Jarmulski, "III" by Marta Pajek and "The Other" by Marta Magnuska.

The full list of festival screenings is available here.