The animated film by Marta Szymańska was awarded during the 21st edition of the Ismailia International Film Festival.

The organisers of the Ismailia International Film Festival had one goal: to promote intercultural dialogue by presenting documentary and short films from around the world.  Every year, the programme of the festival is very rich, in addition to the competition and non-competing sections, there are also numerous special screenings, debates and workshops for professionals.

"Tango of Longing," directed by Marta Szymańska, was awarded for the greatest artistic creativity. The award was given by the Egyptian Animation Society.  

The animated film is a painterly story about the extraordinary nature of tango - a dance which is mainly associated with desire and passion. However, tango is "a sad thought danced," it is an incessant longing and searching for satisfaction and relief – both subtly and desperately. In the film, the protagonists - dancers tell us about their longings, desires and relationships with other people through dance. Even though what they desire seems to be for the taking -  it keeps on escaping them, it is elusive, absent. The search for relief and satisfaction may never end.

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