Today in Ljubljana the awards for the best films of the Animateka Festival were handed out. Two Polish animated filmmakers – Katarzyna Kijek and Wiola Sowa – were among the winners.

Animateka is one of the most interesting animated film festivals taking place in the Central Europe. The festival presents the most important animations made around the world. This year three Polish animations were in the festival competition: "XOXO - Hugs and Kisses" by Wiola Sowa, "Debut" by Katarzyna Kijek and "Hail Mary" by Aleksandra Wit; and three more were shown outside of the competition: "Bernard" by Anna Oparkowska, "Vanilla//Whip" by Bogna Kowalczyk and "Moczarski’s Case" by Tomasz Siwiński.

Not one but two Polish animations were awarded. The jury member Jair Salvador Alvarez gave special mention to "XOXO – Hugs and Kisses" by Wiola Sowa, whereas Igor Kovalyov awarded the film "Debut" by Katarzyna Kijek.

"XOXO - Hugs and Kisses" is a film about emotional boundaries, both individual and relationship-related, that we want to pursue. By showing the sensual game in which the characters are involved, the film tells the story of mutual fascination, body expression, sensitivity and provocation. Two women and one man create erotic spectacle which reveals their involvement and loneliness resulting from getting lost in their relationship.

"Debut" is an attempt, full of (self-)irony to face the so called first film syndrome – wanting to put all the important issues in one's cinematic debut. The protagonist unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of the screenplay that he is struggling to write.

This year the festival took place in Ljubljana from December 4th till 10th.

The full list of awarded films is available at the festival website