Adela Kaczmarek's film was named best animated short at the Pirineos Mountain Film Festival.

Pirineos Mountain Film Festival is dedicated to mountain films and held annually in a picturesque setting near the Pyrenees. The festival brings together enthusiasts of mountain-themed films and outdoor adventures – screening both new productions and classics of the genre – and encourages the viewers to discover the beauty and challenges of the mountain world.

One of the new productions that was presented at the festival was the Polish animated short Magda by Adela Kaczmarek. It impressed the jury and won in its category.

Podhale, Poland, the winter of 1939. Magda (15) is an excellent skier. She joins the Polish resistance and helps smuggle documents and fugitives through the mountains to Slovakia. One day, she learns that a group of 23 pilots urgently need to cross the border because the Gestapo is onto them. She devises a risky plan to lure the Nazis her way, thus letting the pilots sneak by unnoticed. Unfortunately, the Germans are experienced skiers too, able to shoot and reload their guns while skiing at high speeds. Magda must take a chance as she rushes through the snow and into the forest.

You can learn more about the festival from its official website.