The feature-length The Helpers by Betina Bożek and the animated series project Lemon & Elderflower are the Polish winners of this year's CEE Animation Forum.

CEE Animation Forum is a major pitching, financing, and co-production event in the region. A total of 49 animated projects divided into four categories – fiction, TV series, short film, and student film – have been invited to the forum this year.

Several Polish productions and co-productions had been included in the program and two of them were recognised by the jury.  The winning The Helpers is a feature-length debut by the award-winning creator Betina Gożek. The director adapted Weronika Stencel's screenplay to tell the peculiar story of a frustrated official trying to free himself from his dominating father, while discovering his true self and saving his hometown. The production is made for Animoon.

In the animated series category, the animated project made by Likaon was awarded. Lemon & Elderflower is a puppet animated series aimed at children aged 3–6 years. The main characters are two young hummingbirds – siblings who solve various problems in every episode by working together and trying out numerous inventions. Each story contrasts two elements: realism and a lush children's imagination. We wanted children to easily identify with the characters and their world, and at the same time they can indulge in dreams and fun, discover a universe where everything is possible.

The list of all this year's winners can be found here.