This month, you'll get to see Polish animated film in Australia, the United States, and even in Brazil. They will also come to European festivals. Be sure to check out where to see our local productions.

MoliseCinema Film Festival begins on 2 August with a competition screening of Airborne by Andrzej Jobczyk. A premiere screening of Conjunction by Marta Magnuska at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival is just as big of a treat. You can read more about it here. One surprise is the screening of Pussy by Renata Gąsiorowska. This incredibly popular and award-winning animated film is still invited to international events after many years. This time, the film will be screened before the audience of MICRODOSE Event in the US.

The Melbourne International Film Festival begins in the early days of August. During the 70th edition of the festival, the audience and jury will get to watch Julia Siuda's animated film Fury. The DokuFest International Documentary and Short Film Festival also starts on a similar date. The program features Andrzej Jobczyk's Airborne. The animated film will also be screened in Brazil at the Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival.

This month, The Visit by Mateusz Jarmulski will be screened at the ALPINALE Short Film Festival in Austria, followed by My Fat Arse and I by Yelyzaveta Pysmak at La Guarimba Film Festival in Italy; Andrea Guizar's animated film Toothless will be shown at the Flipbook Film Festival in Macedonia, while Denmark's OFF - Odense International Film Festival will feature Julia Siuda's Fury.

A complete list of festival screenings is available here.