The beginning of the school year does not mean the end of the festival season. In September, Polish animated films will be shown at many European film events as well as in Canada and Korea.

The land of maple syrup is doing quite well in September as far as film festivals are concerned. In addition to the famous event in Toronto, it is worthwhile to remember about Quebec and Ottawa. On the 13th of September, the Quebec City Film Festival starts in the French province. The local viewers will have a chance to watch two Polish animated films in the competition: "Room" by Michał Socha and "Oh, God!" by Betina Brożek. In the second half of the month, at the festival Ottawa International Animation, as many as four Polish films will compete for the awards, namely "III" by Marta Pajek, "Bless You!"  by Paulina Ziółkowska, "You Are Overreacting" by Karina Paciorkowska and "Nebula" by Marcin Nowrotka.

At the beginning of the month, there are three screenings of the film "Carrot Field" by Kacper Zamarło. The animated film will be shown to the viewers of the Serbian Animanima, the Ukrainian Linoleum and at the Festival of Animation, held in Berlin.

In the second half of September, two Polish animated films are included in the programme of the festivals Viborg Animation in Denmark and Encounters in Great Britain. At the first of the aforementioned festivals, the audience will watch the films competing for the awards: "Tango of Longing" by Marta Szymańska and "The Other" by Marta Magnuska.  In turn, the British audience will watch the animated films "Bernard" by Anna Oparkowska and "Room" by Michał Socha in the competition.

At the 13th Crossover Festival in Germany, which is just coming to an end, "Pussy" by Renata Gąsiorowska was shown. The film will continue its run of luck. In addition to the German event, this production will be shown at the festivals Indie AniFest in Korea and the World Festival of Animated Film Varna in Bulgaria. The animated film by Gąsiorowska will compete for the awards at the Luststreifen Film in Switzerland, at the Metz Subversive in France and at the Ars Electronica in Austria, in addition to the film by Marta Pajek, "Impossible Figures and Other Stories II." The second of the titles mentioned above will also be shown in the competition at the festival Vladivostok in Russia.

We should not forget about the new animated film by Pajek. This month, the film "III" will have as many as 7 competition screenings at international festivals. First, it will go to the viewers of the Swiss FANTOCHE, then, together with the animation "Oh, God!" by Betina Brożek, it will travel to Russia to the 28th Message to Man International Film Festival. Later, the film will also visit two French festivals: the Lille International Short Film and the Paris International Animation, where "Bless You!" by Paulina Ziółkowska will also compete for the awards.At the same time, the viewers of the Norwegian festival ReAnima will have a chance to watch "III." The animated film is included in the competition at this festival, in addition to the film "Masterclass," directed by seven Polish women directors of animated films.

At the end of the month, the film by Pajek will go to the audience of the Romanian ANIM’EST, the animation will appear in the competition in addition to "Squaring the Circle" by Karolina Specht.

The complete list of festival screenings is available here.