Five Polish productions and co-productions of animated series have been qualified to participate in this year's Cartoon Forum.

Cartoon Forum is the most prestigious industry event, gathering film professionals related to animation: producers, distributors and the media. The event is organized for producers looking for creative and financial partners for their animated projects. Since 1990, as many as 767 projects have found financial support worth a total of EUR 2.7 million. Every year, more than 1,000 professionals from the animated industry from almost 40 countries come to the event.

Selected projects (film or series intended for television distribution or broadcast via digital platforms) are European animations in development stage and last a minimum of 26 minutes.

This year, five projects produced or co-produced by producers from Poland made it into the selection. Animated series are very diverse, among them we will find projects both for the youngest, as well as for schoolchildren or adults.

"Flo The Seal" is a project prepared for the youngest viewers. The Polish studio Animoon is entirely responsible for the production of this series. With two older twin brothers, seal Flo is not only the youngest, but also the smallest in the family. This makes her obligated... to be doubly clever, inventive, stubborn and independent. If someone tells Flo that she is too small for something, Flo will turn her head to find a way to do exactly that. If the brothers laugh that Flo will not survive without falling asleep to watch the falling stars, you bet she will catch such a star! If the brothers argue and don't want to play with her, Flo finds a way to get out of it and force her brothers to make up. Of course, Flo's actions often have a counterproductive effect, and Flo gets a reality check when she is too greedy, too jealous or too stubborn. But how many adventures she has! "Flo The Seal" is a story about how a sense of independence is important in a child's life.

"The Very Hairy Alphabet" will hit a similar age target group. It is a Polish-German co-production  with Grupa Smacznego representing Poland.

Nitso is a large yellow monster who wants to learn the alphabet. However, apart from studying, he also loves a snack and eats all the primers. How will Nitso master the learning of letters without books? He will have to go to Grand Master Tebahpel for help, who is the wisest of all people and knows everything and everyone. Can he help Nitso?

There is also a third production dedicated for young viewers. The Polish-American series is realized partly in the studio Pigeon.

"Flip’s Fantastic Journal" is based on the well-known fact that children love to draw. Each of the 52 episodes invite viewers to take a pencil or an iPad and draw with Filip. Young viewers will easily practice their talent by drawing in the company of the title character, which is a dog resembling and behaving like a boy. The action of the animated series will take place in the world of Filip, in his school, home, neighborhood and in his imagination. The originator of the production is an art teacher and author of the popular series of drawing books, Angelo DeCesare.

For slightly older kids, the Polish-Irish-Czech series "Ormhildur the Brave" is in production. The Polish side is also represented by Grupa Smacznego.

Ormhildur comes into a world where there are no more glaciers, but there are mythical creatures. The girl soon begins working in the Department of Magic, whose goal is to cast a spell on newcomers so that the creatures freeze again. From episode to episode, Ormhildur is changing, becoming bolder, also gaining knowledge and openness to magical creatures. She makes friends with some of them and seeks agreement between them and the world of people.

Animated series for adolescent viewers is also underway. The Polish-French-Danish co-production "Women in War" is co-produced by studio Letko Sp. z o.o.

The series showcases the story of Europe. This is a production about European democracy, about how in the most difficult times of World War II young women got activated and defended democracy. Young girls who did not necessarily know each other, fought in the name of similar values ​​and principles, showed great courage to ensure the survival of what they believe in.  

A list of all qualified projects can be found here.