Daniel Zduńczyk

creative director, scriptwriter and animated film supervisor. Director, editor, cameraman and stereographer. Initially, he worked as a graphic artist in advertising agencies. In 1995, he established the creative group VIRTUAL MAGIC in Wrocław. In 1996, he started to make his first short animated films, among others, "The Window" and "Star Wars Parody," which were shown at many film festivals in Poland and abroad. In 1997, he established the studio Virtual Magic, which produces computer animation, digital special effects for films and television as well as music videos. In the studio Daniel Zduńczyk made the following films: "Lech, Czech i Rus" (2001), "1 May" (2002), "Sen Kowalskiego" (2004), "Szmaciak" (2005) and "Zapałka" (2006). In 2006, he finished the short film "Kajko and Kokosz," based on comic book series. The film was distributed in cinemas in Poland.  Daniel Zduńczyk is also the producer of the projects "Asylum 5D," "Prehistoric Oceanarium 3D," "Mysterious Underworld 5D," and "Historia Cieszyna 3D" ("The History of Cieszyn 3D"). In 2015, the film "Golden Drops" will have its première. It is a feature-length animated film, which was directed by Zduńczyk together with Marcin Męczkowski.