Michał Mróz

Michal graduated from the Warsaw Advertising  School (graphics department). He participated in the following workshops: Animated film (Germany), Cameraman of the Panavision company (UK), The script writing (Sweden). He created 9 animated films using puppet and cut-out techniques, he received over 50 awards. He co-operates with fine artists and composers. He received an Art Scholarship of Warsaw and Mickiewicz Institute.
Michal began his career in the Warsaw film club "Sawa" at the age of 14. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Advertising in the graphics department. He participated in the workshops of, e.g.: Animated film in Dresden(Germany), Cameraman of the UK Panavision company, The script writing in Malmo (Sweden), Animation led by the Polish studio Platige Image. He created nine animated films using puppet and cut-out techniques, has received over 50 awards. On his productions he co-operates with prominent artists and composers, e.g. Sebastian Szymanski - a member of the Polish Academy of Music in London, recommended by Zbigniew Preisner. He extended his professional career by starting to teach and lead annual workshops in puppet animation. Furthermore he leads classes on  the history of animation in many high schools in Warsaw, and brings the world of animation to children of primary schools.  His work has been recognized by the media, such as TVP, TVN and Gazeta Wyborcza. He recently received an Art Scholarship of the City of Warsaw and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.