We have just learned the projects shortlisted for this year's CEE Animation workshop. Among the selected titles there was one from Poland – Laura by Róża Misztela and Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi of LeLe Production.

The CEE Animation Workshop will include meetings, discussions, presentations, lobbying activities, and high-calibre training to activate and inspire cooperation among CEE companies and introduce them to audience-enhancing practices. The workshop will also produce a special message to broadcasters, calling for more favourable industry regulations and practices.

The event will bring together professionals from around 20 countries and is going to be an opportunity to strengthen networking between co-producers, artists, planners, vendors, and financial partners in the CEE region.

This year, the Polish project Laura was invited to the workshop. It is to be a feature-length animated film telling the story of three generations of women who had to live during the turbulent times of the turn of the 20th century. The starting point is the story of the Polish writer Maria Konopnicka.

It is a story of 3 generations of women, their strength, and the different roles they had to play in the turbulent times of the turn of the 20th century.

The CEE Animation Workshop will be held over four rounds. The first meeting is scheduled to take place in Ljubljana on 27 February and run until 5 March, the next meeting will be held online on 24–29 April, the summer meeting will be organised in Bratislava on 7–13 August, and the final one on 6–10 November is also scheduled to take place online.

A list of all qualified projects can be found here.