Set on a vast plain of salt flats, Telsche is a 2D short film that explores memory, loss, and love. It is about the journey that one girl takes to remember someone who she has forgotten. At home, on land, Telsche is confronted with an image of her lost mother in the form of a stone that bears her face. She bursts outside and sees her on the salt flats, the timeless place of memory. However, before she can reach her, her mother is swallowed by a great hole carved into the land. Telsche must find a way to follow her into the dark, to reconcile herself with what she has lost. So she floods the land and awakens glowing insects that have long been buried in the ancient white salt. Water fills the deep tunnel into which her mother has disappeared, and Telsche follows, diving into the depths of memory. As she sinks into the quiet deep and struggles through the tunnels below, she ultimately discovers a place where she can experience her grief, where she is reunited with her mother.

Polska, Arabia Saudyjska
Sophie Colfer, Ala Nunu
Sophie Colfer
Sophie Colfer
Krzysztof Guzewicz, Natalia Czekała
Krzysztof Guzewicz, Natalia Czekała
Ala Nunu, Agnieszka Czachór, Sophie Colfer, Jakub Kaczmarek, Ana Iutes, Ismael Fati, Olga Grechanova
Pigeon Productions, Mikołaj Błoński
King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture - Ithra Production

Sophie Colfer »

Sophie Colfer - Having graduated from the University of the Arts London in 2019 with a BA in Animation, Sophie has directed several music videos, such as Binker & Moses’s Village of the Sun, with a portfolio of studios including Gearbox Records and Universal Studios. Telsche is her first professional film.

Ala Nunu »

Ala Nunu is a director and illustrator specializing in 2d animation. She has experience directing and art directing TV series, social campaigns, music videos, and short films. Her portfolio includes Universal Studios, Frank Sinatra Estate, The Atlantic, and OnBeing. Her short film AHEAD has been screened at festivals such as Animafest Zagreb and Bucheon International Animation Festival. As an animator, Ala has recently worked on films such as the Oscar-shortlisted Ice Merchants and Slow Light.